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  • I'm looking for a 3'6-3'9" equitation horse/jumper. 1.20 for jumper. At least 16.0hh, under 12 years old. Zone 9 or 10 is best, trying to stick to west coast/midwest but anything in the USA is okay. A lease would be fine.

    Asked by Anonymous

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    Do you have price range? I think I’ll be able to find some good ones. 

    Can you find horses for sale in British Columbia preferably Prince George that are good for kids?

    Asked by Anonymous

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    I’m not quite as attuned to British Columbia, but I will give it a shot! 

    Are you looking for a specific discipline and do you have price range?

    Large Childrens Pony in the Northeast, preferably 15k or under

    Asked by Anonymous

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    Do you have an experience level in mind? Age? And same as last one, what would you count as the Northeast?

    Looking for hunter, 3', made, northeast area, budget 30k, been there done that

    Asked by Anonymous

    Quickly going to go through these before I HAVE to start working :P

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    Do you have an age max? And what would you count as northeast?

    Thank you!

    If you ever want/need help with your account I would be happy to help

    Asked by Anonymous

    Send me a note off anon or email me at 

    That goes for anyone interested, I’m completely overwhelmed right now so ANY help would be great!

    I love seeing your posts! Could you look for a tall (17hh?) Gelding in the Carolinas? Jumper, or maybe an eventing prospect.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Thank you so much! 

    Same as everyone else, save link or like. And a price? 

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