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  • Could you post or link me some horses for lease or sale in California or west coast? 15.0 -16.2hh Thank you!

    Asked by elizzie19

    Hey, for all messages in my inbox (including this one…). I’m out of the country right now so I have limited to no internet and cannot post anything. When I get back I will respond to all these messages!

    For this question, can you give me more information on the type of horse your looking for? Experience, Discipline, Ability, Age/Temperament, Price…etc. 

    Could you post some 3, 4 level dressage horses below $40k?

    Yes :), same as the other’s… Save this post somehow (like it or save the URL), I will update it with links sometime early next week.

    Thank you!

    Ok here’s the deal with this, with limited information I don’t have all that much to narrow down a list. 

    Here are some links to specific horses: 

    X X X X

    And then here are some search links. I’m sure you’ll know better what you are looking for and can pick through these searches better than I can.

    X X X X X X

    If you give me a bit more information I could do some picking through for you, just let me know! I hope this helps. 

    Do you think you could post some horses in NC, USA if possible? Hunter jumpers that are younger (like 5-7) with good scope to grow with someone? I'm in the market for one. Budget's max 25,000. Thanks so much if you can!

    Of course :) I’m at a show this week, but as soon as I get back I will post links on here, so save the URL to this post or like it. I’ll update it next week! I love looking for prospects, so I’m excited :)

    Ok here we go…

    This one is a bit over your age bracket, but looks like it’s well started and has quite a bit of potential. It’s well built and isn’t putting a huge effort in over these fences indicating it probably has some scope, but even with minimal effort he has decent form. It’s also less than half your max. 

    With this one you’d have to do some investigating. Other ad. I like the look of it, not the most fantastic conformation, but has a sweet eye and isn’t ugly. I went a head and looked into it’s USEF record (Just enter the full name in here : X). It has some mixed placings, nothing so impressive, but not all bottom placings. It doesn’t appear to do well in the undersaddles, but that may mean it just doesn’t flat well and could still be a good eq or jumper or amateur hunter. Further searching leads to some possible pictures X, X  It doesn’t always jump square, don’t know if that’s something that could be worked on with this horse, if it’s something that bothers you, or something that higher fences could eliminate for the most part. He looks like a sweet animal, and it says he’s jumped big, so I’d do some interrogating to get his full story and see how he feels/looks to you. Depending on quality of the jump and animal you may be able to bring the price down, but it’s still under your max. 

    I don’t know if this one would be my first choice. But it is one that could use some investigating…it’s cute, and cheap. On their YouTube channel it has some cute jumps, but it also has some iffy jumps. I don’t know how good the riders in the videos are, so maybe with some training it could develop better form over the fences. If it does have a nice jump it could be a steal :) 

    Cheap, brave, cute face. I’d ask for some video/pictures if it sounds like something interesting. 

    Eventer so most likely not your perfect hunter. Has a cute/decent jumping picture.

    This one’s cute, don’t know how much scope it has though…  Another ad. 

    Not a super fan of this horse, but nothing wrong with it…it jumps decent, does look like it has some scope, is cheap, and with in your age range.  Another Ad.

    This one has potential. She looks like she’s a bit of a difficult ride though, so again not sure of your willingness to take the time training and working with the animal. 

    A little bit on the younger side, probably needs some training. But cute jump and good pictures. 

    This one you’d need your trainer to contact, but it’s done quite a bit, it looks talented and is still within budget. Looks like a bit of a more difficult ride.

    This one is big and lanky and could probably have the scope to go bigger, but I don’t know if it’s fancy enough to impress at rated shows. I can’t tell much from these videos…

    I’m a sucker for paints so… But actually, this horse has a nice stride and a cute jump. I’m sure it has at least a bit of scope.

    Ok I don’t know how these two horses jump, but they’re cute flatting. Sort of average, nothing outstanding about them. X X

    I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a big fan of slim, small boned TB’s doing the hunters, but if they jump nice and have a nice stride I don’t see anything wrong. And if they can get it done in the jumper ring, I have no problem. So depends on your preference. I would get some more info/video/pictures on this horse. 

    I don’t like the way this horse is built, but it jumps well and if its build doesn’t get in the way then I wouldn’t put it against him.  He looks like he has scope. 

    Very cute, don’t know if it’s built or ready for the job your going to want to ask of it. Cheap :)

    Let me know if that helps, if you want more, etc. I know it’s quite a few, but I’m sure you have a better clue to what you’re looking for and can knock some of them off immediately!

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