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    Asked by Anonymous

    I’m trying I promise :) Soon I promise.

    Anyone want to help me?

    western pleasure horses?

    Asked by horsetacksale

    I really don’t know anything about western pleasure! I’m really sorry.

    If anyone ever wants to help me with this page who knows anything about western pleasure I could expand, but for now I have to stick with what I know!

    I have an ad for you, since this horse is right up the alley of your most recent asks. Search "Dante" on bigeq. $5000 in California. Great horse with a flexible price because his owner (a tumblr equestrian) just left for college and he needs a new home fast.

    Asked by handyhunter

    Here you go :) Thank you so much! 

    Here’s the ad for anyone interested. 

    And fun fact - I know that arena she’s riding in at the beginning! :)

    Hi, I've been looking for horses and have had no luck. I know you have tons of asks piling up, but just answer whenever you can :) I'm looking for a horse, preferably a gelding, but mares are always welcome too. $3,000 max. 16+ hh, breed doesn't matter, English trained, jumping/eventing for the discipline. As for temperement, it doesn't matter, but I'm not looking for a hot horse haha. Thank you so much!

    Location: Florida

    I’ll get to this ASAP, and same as all the others, save the link or like it.

    But I’m posting it if anyone has a horse, same with all the others. If you know of a horse in the area or one that matches the description feel free to submit it. 

    Thank you! 

    I was wondering if you could find a horse that is for sale in SoCal that is around 2,000 max and that could at least jump 3'0 to 4'0. No mares lol mainly geldings lol color could be any. :)

    Asked by kaliegrl67


    Ok with the price you know you’re limited. But I’m giving it my best shot. A lot of these you’re going to have to request more information and pictures and I’m sure you’ll be able to knock them right off or see that they’re decent. If you want me to ever look at any of them let me know. I also don’t know you’re experience level so just make sure you know what is suitable for your riding level and situation.

    This one’s going to be really green, but might have the potential. 

    This one also may have potential, may not. TB you can usually see right away if they’re going to be a decent jumper or easy to teach. 

    This one has a super cute jump (check out the video links) and looks like he has the scope, but I’d want to see how he moved in person and get a thorough vet check. I’m not a super fan of the way he moves, but maybe that’s just the videos, situation, or rider.

    This ones a pony, but sounds interesting… 

    This one is adorable and might not be what you’re looking for, but boy he’s cute! 

    Another Pony… 

    I’m really out of resources at this point. Let me know if that’s any help and I’ll keep an eye out! Would you be willing to do a lease? I might be able to find some of those…


    Yes, I would love to! Right now I’m packing my life up to move in 3 days, and I’m extraordinarily successful at it…

    So like this post, or save the link and I will be back to add links to it! Same with all the other asks that I still haven’t answered! I know I’m failing miserably, but I haven’t been home at all and… enough excuses, I will get to them. 

    Thank you for all your patience! 

    Hey, I know I have quite a few asks sitting in my inbox and I promise you I’m thinking about them.  But I’m also fairly sick and showing in two days, so my agenda for today is sleep until I get better. I promise I will get to them! Thank you for your patience :)

    Could you post or link me some horses for lease or sale in California or west coast? 15.0 -16.2hh Thank you!

    Asked by elizzie19

    Hey, for all messages in my inbox (including this one…). I’m out of the country right now so I have limited to no internet and cannot post anything. When I get back I will respond to all these messages!

    For this question, can you give me more information on the type of horse your looking for? Experience, Discipline, Ability, Age/Temperament, Price…etc. 

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