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    "Earlier this fall, the NCEA received notice from the NCAA’s Committee on Women’s Athletics (CWA) that it has recommended the removal of equestrian from the list of emerging sports for women in Divisions I and II."

     ”If the NCAA votes to disband NCAA Varsity Equestrian, over 1000 female athletes will lose the opportunity to compete in the sport they live for. Additionally, over thousands of potential female athletes will never be given the opportunity to see the arena, some of whom will not be able to attend college, whether it because of academic or financial reasons.”

    Please sign the petition, I’m not a NCAA equestrian, but the value of that program to the equestrian community is innumerable. In a sport that often lacks the sponsorship and recognition of others, being an NCAA sport allows us the possibility to grow and gain more. Removing the sport from NCAA will not only hurt the riders on and hoping to join the teams, but also the sport as a whole…

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